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Consumers, chefs and retailers love the idea of buying local because the local food industry supports community members, is grown by dedicated and hardworking individuals, and is often much better for us due to the use of holistic farming practices. But buying local isn't without its challenges. Sometimes sourcing from the large industry seems easier due to logistics and access.

It’s simple: it all boils down to convenience.

At Local Line, our goal is to make buying and selling local food easy and convenient. Our e-commerce platform is a helpful tool for food suppliers because it offers services like order and logistics management, customer communication and invoicing.

In November 2018 we launched a new feature: standing orders.

What is a Standing Order?

A standing order is a purchase order covering a recurring delivery of goods in specified quantities, at specified prices, and according to a specified time schedule. 

It is comparable to a subscription box where your customers can expect your products on the same time schedule. Standing orders are essential in food. Unlike buying clothes or other products, the relationship between food supplier and customer is continual. A standing order allows your customers to order once and continuously get your products week by week during a season.

Pre-booked sales for you, convenience for your customers!

Learn more about Local Line's Standing Order feature here.

Benefits to Local Line's Standing Order Feature:

Save time on organizing orders

A great benefit of implementing standing orders is all that time you would save on managing your orders.

If you’re a food supplier that offers a CSA program, weekly harvest box, or supply a restaurant or retailer with the same scheduled order, it’s hard to have to manage the same order every week. Standing orders allow you to automate the process and save time on tedious tasks such as order taking.

Produce to order

A standing order system allows you to pre-determine what needs to be produced. This allows you to predict what is needed and avoid under/over production. This reduces waste or lost customers due to insufficient inventory.

Build lasting customer relationships

The relationship between buyer and supplier in the food industry is continual. Offering standing orders allow you to be able to create better partnerships with your customers and conveniently service them over a season.



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