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The Best Farming Book You'll Read This Year Isn't About Farming.

Book Mockup 5d2-minHow ‘Ready Farmer One’ Will Change The Way You Think About Business

Ready Farmer One is a modern take on the skills farmers need to thrive. How can farmers, food producers, and markets of all kinds find customers in a digital era? Ready Farmer One gives you the blueprint.


Farmers are looking for new avenues to grow their sales more than ever. Thanks to documentaries like the Biggest Little Farm, young people have found a renewed enthusiasm to start their own farms. 

It doesn't take long for young farmers to realize they have many critical jobs to do if they're going to be successful. They need to tackle the daily realities of running their own farms and be creative marketers, salespeople, and customer service experts. Throughout the past five years at Local Line, we've learned a lot about the realities of farming through the thousands of family farms we work with. We've also learned a lot about local food systems and community engagement. All-in-all, we’ve learned the ins and outs of the industry.

We wrote Ready Farmer One to help address some of the roadblocks many farmers face daily: unpredictable sales channels, insufficient digital training, and ineffective operations and logistics.

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Move your farm online.Kindle Print Transparent

There are many methods to handle sales on your farm, yet the biggest challenge farmers consistently face is profitably getting their products to their customers. The transition from cash crop to small-scale, diversified farm operations shifts from offline to online.

With over 10,000 farms on Local Line, we’ve seen the unique cases, innovative solutions, and triumphs farmers have found with online sales. Whether it’s been through branding, customer communications, or inventory management, the proof is in the pudding. Online sales work just as well for farming as it does for, well, everything else.

We wrote this book because we noticed a big gap in the market. Anyone starting or diversifying their farm can use Ready Farmer One as their blueprint to sales & marketing success. Learn how to craft your message, target customers, run your operations, and ultimately, how to make a healthy profit doing what you love. 

Pressing Play on Ready Farmer One

After a year of writing and editing with farm podcaster and YouTuber Diego Footer, Ready Farmer One: The Farmer’s Guide to Create, Design, and Market an Online Farm Store is now available for purchase as the first sales and marketing book written specifically for farmers.

It will change the way you think about farm sales. Ready Farmer One provides the roadmap for dramatic local food growth in the 2020's. It lays out in detail how a digital farm-to-table supply chain can work.

The best part: we interviewed over 50 different farmers who have found success online. We feature ranchers, micro farmers, market gardeners, and everyone in-between. Find their stories and so much more in the most relevant farming book released for a better food future for us all.

Ready Farmer One is now available for purchase. Find out more at readyfarmerone.com

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