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Profit $750 Per Month With Virtual Cooking Classes

Local Line Blog Feature Image_Profit 750 with ChefTorial

I dislike clickbait titles, but in this case it's true. If you remember anything from this blog post, I hope you remember the title. 


Local Line Partnerships Help Farm Businesses Grow

Our team spends a lot of time thinking about how to help farmers increase their sales. Our ideas are typically categorized into three buckets:

  • Increase average order size: how can we encourage your customers to spend more with you? 
  • Increase cart conversion rates: how can we increase cart conversions to 100%? 
  • Connect farms with new customers: how can we help farms land new, high quality customers? 

We recently discovered a fourth bucket: Partners

Who can we partner with to help farmers and producers increase sales?

There are many opportunities for farms to increase their sales that don't directly relate to e-commerce, and we feel uniquely positioned to help connect farms with partners who can help. 


Your customers want to know how to cook your products

ChefTorial landing page graphics-05We recently began hearing farmers and producers mention that many of their customers didn't know how to cook certain products that they sell. There is an education gap, and we wanted to find a partner to help bridge that gap.

The main goal was to find a way for local producers to easily educate their customers on how best to enjoy their products. 

Enter ChefTorial

ChefTorial is a virtual culinary experiences platform. They work with big brands like Coca-Cola, NYU, and Sobeys to provide virtual cooking classes to employees and customers. With their help, we've designed a new revenue-generating opportunity that every Local Line farm can take advantage of. 

Through ChefTorial you can offer your own branded virtual cooking classes to your customers, giving them a full “farm to table” experience. 

ChefTorial provides the professional chef, runs the online cooking class event, and you pocket the profits. 

Here's how to make an extra $750 per month by offering farm cooking classes: 

  1. You pay $500 per cooking class to ChefTorial. When you do, you'll work with their team to determine the dish, the date, and a promotion plan for your customers. (This marketing plan includes a set of pre-built customizable templates you can use to promote your class on social media, your website, and an email newsletter.)
  2. Once the date is set, you'll use your unique ChefTorial registration link to promote the event to your customers. We recommend charging $25/ticket. 
  3. Your goal is to sell 50 tickets for the event. This earns you $1,250 per event ($25/ticket multiplied by 50 tickets). 
  4. After deducting your $500 fee to ChefTorial, your profit is $750 per event. 
  5. Run one event per month. 

In order to break even, you need to sell 20 tickets. Any money from ticket sales above 20 is yours to keep. 

If you increase the frequency of the classes or the number of tickets you sell, you could earn even more. For example, if you're a more established business and you believe you could host an event bi-weekly and sell 100 tickets per event, your profit could be $4,000/month! Even if you do two cooking programs a month selling 50 tickets, you have the opportunity to pocket $1,500.


Connect with ChefTorial to get started

ChefTorial landing page graphics-04What makes this appealing is the ease of running the event. All you need to do is connect with ChefTorial below, then promote the event on your website and social media accounts. Cheftorial’s professional chefs run the actual online class (you could even attend yourself and learn something new!)

If you're interested in hosting a cooking class for your customers, get started today:

Get Started with ChefTorial


Our team will continue to watch for these kinds of opportunities in the future. Local Line is committed to seeking out more ways to efficiently help farm businesses increase their sales in creative and unique ways.

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