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How Woolleys' Lamb Took Charge of Their Branding with Local Line

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Starting a new business isn’t easy. One of the biggest challenges for food suppliers today is getting your product in your customer’s hands. Many new food businesses understand that traditional outbound marketing tactics like flyers just won’t cut it anymore. Customer behaviours are changing, and businesses need to change alongside them.

Customers spend more time than ever online. Therefore, the need to upgrade online marketing efforts by investing in social media and website properties has become a high priority for food suppliers.

But, this begs the question: does an investment in an online solution increase sales or productivity?

Brett Schuyler from Woolleys' Lamb headshot in an apple orchard

To help answer this question, meet Brett Schuyler, the co-owner of Woolleys' Lamb.

Woolleys’ Lamb lambs are born in Norfolk County Ontario on beautiful lush, spring pastures in May. Following the harvest of sour cherries and apples, the lambs are turned out in orchards to graze freely. Occasionally, grazing occurs on cover crop fields of turnips, oats, and peas. These natural and nutrient rich grazing practices are similar to those found in rural United Kingdom, and are definitely a contributing factor to the unique tasty leanness of Woolleys’ Lamb!

While the team at Woolleys Lamb had an authentic story, a fantastic-looking website and the best-looking lambs on Instagram, they wanted to see all this effort turn into real sales, not just likes on Instagram.

Customers are looking for one-click ordering

Brett realized that while he was investing time, money and effort into getting the Woolley’s Lamb brand out there, there was one big problem.

If a customer wanted to order his product, it would go something like this:

  • Customer would find the Woolleys' Lamb website.
  • Customer would contact Brett through email.
  • Customer would ask a few questions about their products.
  • Brett would send a basic product and pricing list without pictures or descriptions.
  • Customer would ask a few questions about their products.
  • Customer would place an order.
  • Brett and Customer would have to figure out pickup or delivery details.
  • Brett would have to arrange payment terms, send an invoice, then collect payment.

It was a long, drawn-out and overly complicated process for both parties. Customers are accustomed to one-click online ordering that they didn’t want to go through all the back-and-forth to place an order.

Brett knew that if he wanted to give his customers the best service, he needed to find a better way. He wanted to create an elegant ordering tool for his customers, but he didn’t want to rely on an outside IT person to make changes for him. He wanted an easy-to-use tool that gave him full control of his products, customers and information.

That’s when he came to Local Line with one goal: “Get an online platform for sales that is user-friendly that can also work for invoicing.”

Unlike other food suppliers, he realized that he could provide an amazing and simple-to-use ordering experience for his customers with an online platform.

So, Local Line worked with Brett to turn his website, invoicing tool and Excel documents into one, easy to use, simple online platform.

Simple, Straight-Forward Ordering

First, Local Line worked with Brett to build an online store where new customers can find Woolleys Lamb and order products.

Previously, Brett just had a website with some information about his business, but no simple way for his customers to view his products to order.

He added a "Buy Now" button at the top of his website which directs his visitors to his Local Line Online Store.

Now instead of the ordering process taking days and weeks, customers can order within 2 minutes.

One Store, All Customers

Second, Brett had two different types of customers: retail and wholesale. Unlike most online stores where there is only one product and pricing list, Local Line’s catalog feature gave Brett the ability to give his all his customers custom product pricing.

This meant that he could service all of his customers with Local Line, not just retail or wholesale.

One-Click Invoicing

Lastly, he needed a simple and fast way to invoice his customers. Since he was already taking orders through his Local Line store, it had all of the information pre-loaded to send an accurate invoice.

Now instead of creating invoices from scratch, Brett uses Local Line to create, download and send the invoice to his customers saving him precious time every single day.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

While Brett and his customers may benefit from having a shiny new online sales platform, he admits that his favourite part of Local Line is the team behind it.

“Honestly, I just wanted to work with Local Line because I had a high level of confidence with the people behind it helping my business succeed. The team at Local Line listens to my feedback and makes changes to the software as needed. I am still shocked at how responsive the team is to making improvements to the software.” — Brett, Woolley's Lamb


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