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Local Line Releases New POS Feature in Partnership with Square

Local Line is excited to announce its integration with the Square Terminal. This integration allows you to accept in-person payments for Local Line orders using the Square Terminal device. It will turn your Local Line account into an in-person POS system!


The Square Terminal is an all-in-one credit and debit machine for payments and receipts and is a very popular device used by Local Line users for their farmers market and on-farm sales. 

Why We Built The POS Feature

Square terminal Local LineThis new Local Line feature will now allow you to accept in-person payments alongside online payments!

Similar to using a Square Terminal at the market or in a retail setting, customers can purchase on-site, pay via the Square Terminal, and have the transaction logged in the Local Line platform. Or customers are able to place orders online through your Local Line store and then pay on-site with debit or credit at pick up. Now your Local Line account is both an online ordering platform and POS system, thanks to this integration. Talk about versatility!

We built this feature because we know that different customers want different options. Some customers prefer to pay online, while others prefer to pay on-site when they pick up their order.

Some prefer not to order online at all! 

As a Local Line and Square customer, you can now use one account to track and organize all transactions, whether they are through online ordering or in-person. All orders are logged in the same place. This way our users can now offer a wide variety of payment and purchasing options, while still keeping the ease of having all transactions tracked in one place.

“This integration with the Square Terminal and Local Line is definitely saving us time in front of the customer, which is great! It makes in-person sales smoother and easier than how we were managing these previously,” said Robyn from Local Market, Wildsight Elk Valley.

Connecting the Square terminal device to your Local Line account is easy! All you have to do is connect your Square device to Local Line by creating a new Terminal Location in your Square settings. Then, connect and pair your Square Terminal device to your Local Line account within the Payments tab.

Accepting In-Person Payments with Your Local Line Account

After you connect your Terminal device and Local Line account, you can start accepting in-person payments! To log an order for an in-person payment, follow these steps:

  1. In Local Line on the Home tab, click Log an Order.
  2. Select the Customer you added for In Person sales.
  3. Click Add Product(s) and select the products(s).
  4. Click Add to Order when you’re done adding products.

Local Line Square POS Integration

  1. Make any necessary changes to the quantity or price.
  2. In Logistics, select In Person.
  3. In Pickup Location, select the location for pick up.
  4. In Square Terminal, choose the Terminal you want to send the transaction to for payment.
  5. Click Send to Terminal.

Local Line Square POS Integration

  1. Hand the Terminal to your customer for payment. When successful, the Terminal displays a checkmark icon and this is displayed in Local Line:

Local Line Square POS Integration

We are very excited to launch this new feature and make it available to all Local Line users as a premium feature.  We hope you love this feature, and we will continue to enhance it over time, based on your feedback and as Square develops the API further!

If you'd like to send us feedback, please send an email to product@localline.ca.  For any questions or help connecting your Square Terminal, be sure to check out the help article here



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