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Local Line Debuts Robust Reporting & Analytics Dashboard for Farmers

Local Line Blog Feature Image_New Feature Reports and Analytics

This new feature saves you time and energy by giving you accessible insights and data in customizable dashboards. Optimize and grow your business by spending less time crunching the numbers.

Local Line is pleased to announce the release of our Reports & Analytics Dashboard feature for all of our customers!

We heard you, and you need tools that help you understand your business better. Measuring different metrics and sales activity helps you be more strategic by knowing precisely what is going on day-to-day. The Insights Dashboard not only houses this information but ultimately saves you time by presenting it in customizable dashboards that give you at-a-glance insights.

This new feature acts as the one-stop shop for data related to your business. 


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Where to get started:

  • See your Top Selling Products to help plan what to grow next season.
  • Track your Sales by price list to learn how your different sales channels compare.
  • Monitor your Least Active Customers for opportunities to re-engage them.
  • Track your Sales by Delivery Zone to improve your logistics options.
  • Check your Storefront Views by City to understand where existing and potential customers are.

What we love about this feature is how it empowers farmers and food producers with high-quality information and allows them to make strategic decisions with practical impacts. 

Want to know how it works? If you’re a Local Line customer, check out the full Knowledge Base article here

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