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They say one of the hardest jobs in the world is being a full-time parent. Now try looking after 4 youngsters, holding down a full-time job, and running a successful farm. Our friends, Chantal and Dave Lewington have mastered this juggling act!

When Dalew Farms first opened for business 14 years ago, the intention was to raise and sell lamb to folks in their community. But when their customers tasted the “Dalew Difference,” demand struck and so did their product variety.

Today, Dalew Farms has pasture-raised lamb, cattle, and goats, all of which are grass fed & non-GMO. To keep up with rising demand, Chantal took their branding to new heights by creating a website and focusing on customer relationships.

Managing Never Ending Tasks

Early on Chantal and Dave quickly realized that the good comes with the bad when you’re a small business owner—especially on the farm. The upside for them was obvious: starting a family farm was a great way to expose their kids to new experiences and work together to help feed their community. However, when tasks pile up, it’s not always easy to find someone you can rely on to help you with your day-to-day.

This is where Local Line helps!

Easy Integration with Current Website

Previously, Chantal was using a different software to track her website sales but still struggled with keeping on top of her inventory and coordinating delivery dates with her customers. Chantal wanted to fix this but didn’t want to rebrand her business and create a whole new website.

Enter Local Line.

With Local Line, Chantal could integrate her new online store to her existing website and gain all the inventory and delivery functionality she needed. This made it easy for her customers to place orders and for her to accept payments.

“The software is easier to use, simpler, and straightforward. It runs itself when I’m doing other things and I like the way it appears on my website; it looks very professional. To top it all off - the integration was very easy!"Chantal, Dalew Farms

Attracting New Customers

To help Chantal increase her order volumes and customer base, she’s been using Local Line’s catalog feature to reach out to new wholesalers. All she does is built a new catalog, customize it, and share it. This makes it easy for her new and existing customers to see a list of her available products with accurate pricing, inventory, and delivery info.



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