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Local Line 2.0: The Best Platform Ever Built for the Local Food System

After working for over a year, we are excited to welcome you to a whole new Local Line experience. In Local Line 2.0, you can expect dozens of new features, a more modern interface, easier navigation on mobile, and up to 50% faster data downloads.

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Introducing Your Dream Back Office

You asked for it – and we listened! Local Line 2.0 will help you improve your day-to-day workflows so that you can run your business more efficiently and profitably. We present: your dream back office – everything you need to organize your products, customers, orders, deliveries, and payments in one succinct place.

You can expect enhanced tags, filters, and search which supports an organized back office. In addition, we’ve added improved workflows that are optimized to be more efficient with fewer clicks, as well as new bulk actions. Order fulfillment is a breeze with more flexible delivery and pick-up options to meet both your and your customers’ needs.

Storefront Enhancements 

With Local Line 2.0, you’ll have more flexibility than ever before when designing their storefront. Improvements include:

  • Ability to display up to 5 images per product.
  • Improved layout of product categories, tags, and product search.
  • Design your storefront with banners, copy, and images.
  • Customizable header tabs, where you link customers back to your website.

We’ve also made significant enhancements to Price Lists (formerly Catalogs). Price lists now have their own unique URL. This means you can send customers directly to their price list by just sending them a link, and you can have multiple public price lists.

Not every customer wants to create an account when they order, so we built a guest checkout – no account necessary. For those returning customers who do have accounts, we’ve created an improved checkout workflow, which includes saved credit cards for increased efficiency and higher order conversions.


Selling by Weight Has Never Been Easier

No more refunds after adjusting invoices. We wanted to make selling variable-weighted products as easy as possible. With Local Line 2.0, we’ve introduced two new workflows for selling by weight:

  1. Delay payment until the final cost by weight is known. 
  2. Pre-authorize credit cards at checkout and charge the final amount when delivered. 

Just Getting Started

The launch of Local Line 2.0 is the beginning of the future Local Line platform. You can continue to expect new updates, features, and tweaks to the platform in the upcoming weeks & months. Some notable upcoming features include: 

  • New and improved aggregator platform for hubs and markets
  • Subscriptions functionality for CSAs 
  • Updated integration with the Square Terminal system, allowing you to use Local Line 2.0 as a fully synced POS system.

Your Long Term Partners

At Local Line, we want to be more than just someone you buy software from. We’re your partners in good times and tough times. Our company exists solely to serve the needs of you, the direct market farmer. We are here and ready to help you take your farm to the next level, and are excited to continue to have the opportunity to work with you!

Running your business is hard work. We want to help make it a little bit easier.

Try Local Line 2.0 for yourself for free today!

Used by all types of local food suppliers, Local Line helps you sell online, communicate with customers, and manage your business all in one place.

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