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How The Chef’s Farmer is Saving Time with Local Line

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The Chef’s Farmer produces and sells high quality, Calgary-grown produce to chefs and restaurants across the city. Started by Kye Kocher, the urban farm produces greens and herbs right in the city, and also sells locally-grown produce from around the region. The Chef’s Farmer aims to empower farmers and Calgarians to support and grow the local Calgary food system.

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Upgraded systems

Before using Local Line, Kye was using an email system to manage incoming orders. As chefs are his main customers, he would bring in samples to potential customers and then collect email addresses and phone numbers for order taking. The more orders that came in, the more complicated the process would become. Having to send inventory lists and record orders himself quickly became onerous.

“Doing manual order taking over the phone and through email was very labour intensive. At a point, it didn’t make sense to do it this way anymore. After a year of setting up my business, I knew it was time to get started with Local Line.” 

As a farmer and small business owner, Kye knows his time is very valuable. The time he spent on administrative tasks could be better spent on other aspects of his business, so it was time to upgrade his practices. Having heard about Local Line from a friend in aquaponics, it was clear that Local Line would be the solution. 

Since using Local Line, Kye has been very impressed with the results. 

“It’s a straightforward and easy-to-use interface. The features sync up all orders and product inventory automatically. You have everything you need in one place. It has just become so much simpler to manage the page and get it directly in front of a chef so that they can order.”

The greatest benefit he has noticed is the ease in inventory management. Having to track this manually ate up a lot of time. Now, with any incoming order, Local Line automatically adjusts inventory instantaneously—making everything a whole lot easier. In short, for Kye, Local Line simplifies his processes and organizes his workflow. 

The integration with QuickBooks and reporting features additionally have significantly impacted productivity and accounting. Having everything in one place helps him to record, track, and manage his business incomes and expenses seamlessly.  

Growing The Chef's Farmer's customer base

The future is exciting for this urban farmer! Moving forward, Kye hopes to continue to grow his customer base and business to reach more chefs and restaurants across the city. Additionally, he hopes to incorporate more energy conscience delivery systems into his business, looking for larger roles for bicycles and e-bikes. We’re excited to help along the way!

“Local Line is exactly what I needed for my business. You guys really hit the nail on the head!”


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