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How This Microgreens Farmer Took Control of Their Sales

Leveraging Data as a Farmer

We all know data plays a large role in success. Starting their microgreens business in 2020, Hillary from Hildan Produce quickly found out she couldn’t manage orders using only a pen and paper.

“I had had websites in the past that had commerce, but I did a lot of selling through Facebook with other things I was doing so when I heard Local Line, it sounded interesting,” explains Hilary. She first heard about Local Line through YouTube

“The guy that we were watching, Curtis Stone, highly recommended it... I just fell in love with Local Line and its simplicity and obviously, its people are the best.”

Now, after a year of using Local Line, Hilary and Dan couldn’t imagine running their business without it. 

We sat down with Hilary to learn more about how she uses Local Line to make data-driven decisions for her farm and sell online:


Setting Goals from the Start

“When I first got started with Local Line, I think one of the main differences that you guys offer is that you actually want your clients to succeed,” shares Hilary.

"When we first started, Jen from the Local Line team asked, 'What's your goal this month? How many orders do you want to get?' And I was like, 'I don't know, Jen like 15.' It ended up being like 21 orders that month. So she helped me make a goal and tell me how we're going to do this."

Using Local Line’s features such as catalog schedules, delivery routing, and sales reporting, allows Hilary to keep track of her success and continue planning for the future.

"I love logging into Local Line to see orders coming through. The growth has been tremendous because it's so simple to use. It's so intuitive. I don't have to go through a long training process. I can talk directly to somebody there. If I have a question, they answer it almost immediately.”

Synergizing Local Food and Technology

Hilary urges the importance of selling online as a farmer to increase access to local food. "You can't pretend that we're not here. Technology is aggregating everything. Every part of life, telemedicine, tele-education, we're almost in 2022.”


Hilary’s advice: try it out.

“If you're hesitating and probably the reason why you're hesitating is that you think it's going to be confusing or overwhelming or you're going to have to pay a lot of money [for] no results and or no actual care.

Get Local Line! No, seriously, try it. Use it for a week for free and just see what you think. If you don't like it, you don't have to go forward. But my guarantee is [that] you're gonna like it and you're gonna want to go forward with it because the numbers don't lie and my numbers have just skyrocketed since we started.

And I know that it was because of Local Line and the help that you guys have given us.”

Join other farmers who sell online today. Start your free trial with Local Line and see what we can do for you.

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