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Can Local Line Help Your Direct-to-Consumer Food Business?

If you own a direct-to-consumer food business, using a service like Local Line is a great way to bring in new customers and boost your overall sales. It’s becoming more and more popular for consumers and chefs to source food from local farmers and suppliers.

Because of this, companies like Local Line have formed as a kind of go-between, bringing farmers and customers together. But before you get started, you should weigh the pros and cons of the service to see if it’s really the right option for you.

Diversify Your Farming Income

It’s really important for farmers to diversify their income. For many, this means doing things like hosting dinners and events at their farm to bring in extra cash and partnering with restaurants. But what if you don’t have time to visit restaurants to see if they’re interested in sourcing food from you?

This is where Local Line could come in handy. The company lets you create your own online store that showcases the fresh food you have available to sell and the price. Your customers, whether they’re individuals or restaurants, can use the system to order food online. Once the order is placed, you simply deliver the goods.

Charge Restaurants and Individuals Different Prices

When you use a service like Local Line, you have the ability to create online catalogues that show your current inventory. All of your products are displayed with prices, and you can have multiple catalogues. Each catalogue you create is private. This means your customers only see the prices you want them to see.

Using this feature, you can create separate catalogues with different pricing for individual customers and restaurants. This way you can give restaurants discounted prices when they buy in bulk without upsetting individual customers who might accidentally come across a catalogue with lower prices displayed. Also, when your customers view specific products in your catalogue, you see it in real time. You can use this feature to promote high-interest items by creating an occasional “sale” catalogue.

Attract New Customers

One of the biggest benefits about using a service like Local Line is the access you get to the company’s existing customer base. When customers search for locally sourced food in your area, they’re able to view your company information and your public inventory catalogue. If they want, they can place a new order online or contact you for more information about your company. Just being visible in the app search engine makes it easy to connect with chefs, nearby restaurants, and local residents looking for fresh food.

Set Delivery Options

When you use Local Line, you’re responsible for delivering all of your orders. This means before you start using the service, you should have a plan in place that allows you to keep up with your deliveries. Some things to consider include whether you need to hire a delivery driver, the type of delivery schedule, and if your current vehicle can handle delivery work.

The service Local Line offers is a great option for business owners who want to attract new clients and increase sales. But it’s also a useful tool for farmers with an existing customer base because it lets you process orders online.

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