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Matt Magdales

Matt joined the Local Line team in its early days as Product Designer, designing the software and making sure it met the needs of local food suppliers.

How to Set Up a Referral Program for Your Business

July 18, 2019

Getting new customers takes a lot of time and money. Make it easy for yourself and set up a referral program! Word of mouth is one of the best..

How Woolleys' Lamb Took Charge of Their Branding with Local Line

January 18, 2019

Starting a new business isn’t easy. One of the biggest challenges for food suppliers today is getting your product in your customer’s hands. Many..

To Bolster Local Food Market, Software Solution Streamlines Grower Seller Communications

June 20, 2016

Growing produce isn’t a cakewalk—and selling greens? That’s not easy, either. That’s why Local Line wants to simplify communication between..

E-Commerce Platforms Powering the Local Food Movement

May 2, 2016

The local food movement has thrived in recent years, bolstered by consumers’ growing concerns over what is in their food and where it came from –..

Kitchener Startup Draws Direct Line from Farm to Fork

January 4, 2015

Posted by The Record on February 4, 2015. KITCHENER — It's becoming increasingly popular for restaurants to promote locally sourced food on their..