Supercharge Local Line with QuickBooks Sync!

Local Line Announces Major Accounting Update with New QuickBooks Integration Tool

Keeping your finances organized is an important component to running your business. This week, we took a big step helping our customers do just that with the launch of our QuickBooks Sync Tool. This allows our customers to leverage Local Line’s best-in-class order management tools and seamlessly sync order data into QuickBooks without manual entry.

Here what you need-to-know:

Two systems, one customer

When a customer places an order on your Local Line store, we’ll automatically pass the order information to QuickBooks under the same customer. This allows you to keep track of key metrics like Revenue Per Customer, Average Order and Outstanding Invoices.

Invoices in an instant

No more missed invoices. Once an order comes through Local Line, an invoice can be sent to your customer right away directly from QuickBooks.

The price is right

Making sure your customers get the right product and price on their invoice is important. Our integration ensures that your Catalog prices and any changes you make are always accurately reflected in QuickBooks.

Already a Local Line member? Sign into your Local Line account and turn on the QuickBooks Integration Tool today!

Not yet a Local Line customer? You should be. Watch this free demo to learn more.

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