Will you lose SNAP sales? Here’s how to replace those lost orders!

Replace SNAP sales with Local Line

Does your business currently benefit from SNAP transactions at farmers’ markets? Is selling to SNAP users currently one of your sales channels?

In 2017, processing Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits at farmers’ markets across the US did $22.7 million in sales.

In New York City alone, $1 million dollars is spent at farmers’ markets using SNAP every year.

With the potential loss of Mobile Market +, most food supplier/farm businesses who relied on the SNAP program as a sales channel will feel losses of 30% or more.

If selling to SNAP customers is currently one of your sales channels then you need to figure out how to replace those lost sales and make new ones.

1. Design your new sales model

If you’re only going to sell 70% of last years volume at the market this year, you have to make up those sales through new channels. If not, you need to design one.

You will need to decide if you want:

  • To sell direct to customer
  • To sell restaurants
  • To sell to retail
  • To sell to distributors

All of these sales channels require a different strategy. Local Line has been in the business of helping local farmers and food suppliers since 2014. These services include: how to find the perfect restaurant to sell to and how to find and set up pickup locations.

2. Go all in on marketing

At a market, the customers come to you – these are inbound sales! In other sales channels like the ones discussed above, it’s the opposite – you have to go to the customer – these are outbound sales! When you go to the customer and ask them for your business, you have to stand out and give them a reason to want to order from you. For this reason, it’s critically important to go all in on your marketing. Get online, get on social media, revisit and revamp your brand, and tell your story!

3. Sell online

No matter who you decide to sell to in your new sales channel, everyone is buying online. Customers today don’t (and won’t) go through all the work required to find out product availability, price, and delivery from multiple places. Make it easy with all this info in one stop – your online store.

4. Sell with Neighbours

If you only sell produce, that’s ok, but when trying to target new customers, creating more of a “one-stop-shop” for their local food needs will increase the likelihood that you get orders. Think of this as like your own online farmers’ market! Setting up co-selling and co-delivery with neighbours is a great way to share costs and increase sales.

At Local Line, we want to help farmers who are losing sales due to the loss of Mobile Market +. If you are a farmer or local food producer that will suffer from the potential changes and you want to sell online, either by yourself or with your neighbours, sign up for your free trial below, no credit cards, no ties. If you love it, enter the referral code MOBILEMARKET to get 20% off your first year with Local Line!


If you have any questions and want to talk to an expert, email info@localline.ca or call +1 (226) 241 4355.

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