10 Ways Food Suppliers Should Use Social Media

As long as you post on social media, whether it be Twitter, Instagram or Facebook or a combination of any channels then you’re good, right? Not necessarily! Posting is a great start, but engaging your followers is how you get more followers, and create a strong brand presence online.

What is social media engagement anyway?

It’s not about interacting with every single customer. It is about building relationships with your customers over time – much like we do offline, a.k.a. in real life.

Social media is where people connect, relate and learn from each other and businesses alike.

How can you increase your social media engagement? There are 100s of ways, we’ll give you 10! Click on the links for awesome examples from our customers.

1. Post Frequently, When Your Followers Are Most Active

  • Assuming you have business accounts in social media, check your analytics data and insights with each account you use
  • Learn other great data that can help shape your posts to your target audience
  • Get more tips here

2. Call to Action – Tell Customers What You Want From Them

3. Show Appreciation

  • You feel amazing because of your followers right? Make them feel amazing back
  • Give a shout out to a customer who posts a photo of your product
  • Use “@” to show you care and pay attention to your loyal followers and partners, and reach more of their followers
  • Rootham Gourmet Thanks Partner Barrie’s Asparagus

4. Stay Connected, Stay Current

5. Acknowledge Mentions, Questions and Yes, Complaints.

6. Promote Partners – The More You Promote Them, They Will Promote You

7. Hashtags Work

  • What the heck is a hashtag? A word or phrase that is often preceded by a hash sign, #
  • Create your own
  • Use hashtags that relate to your business #lovelocal
  • Use in relevant conversations
  • Detonic Knows How to Use Hashtags #nailedit

8. Post The Good Stuff Happening In Your Community

9. Ask For Feedback

10. Host A “Chat with [Your Name Here]” Session

  • This is an exciting method of generating engagement, especially on Twitter. Post and tell followers that for 15 minutes, they can ask you anything and you will reply. Why?
  • It helps people connect with you on a personal level